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Welcome to the Tri County Youth Wrestling Leagues website.
This site is for its members to provide information and communications. We hope you enjoy your visit:

News and Information
  • Important: Members are responsible for submitting your team rosters on website prior to any match duals. This helps in submitting match reports in a timely manner. Also please delete wrestlers who no longer participate in your program.

    Reminder: Home Teams are responsible for recording and submitting match reports and hard weight information. Using the check box (*) on the on-line match report, automatically updates 1st & 2nd Hard Weight information. Check box (*) is for 1st and 2nd HW's. Actual weight information is for weight class certification and used in conjunction with check box (*) (change to weigh-in weight when wrestler is wrestling up a weight class for 1st and 2nd HW's or system will default to weight class wrestled).

  • ATTN Visitors: Match results are located on home page under League Results: Results are displayed for 7 days from present date. After 7 days results can be found on Team Info page, select Team and links will be displayed for matches wrestled. If you know a match was wrestled and can't find results, either we haven't received results and in that case you'll see information on home page under Pending Match Reports for these matches. Else match wasn't on league schedule as published.

  • Members confirm your contact information listed on website. Email changes to tcywl@tcywl.net

  • Events

    League Documents:
    By-Laws Addendum
    Concussion Clearance form
    Match Report (form) .pdf
    Match Report (form) .xls
    Out of town hardship request form
    Skin Clearance Form
    Weigh-in Sheet (.pdf)
    Weigh-in Sheet (.xls)

    League Schedule:
    12/15/2018 Montville vs Hopatcong Quad @ Montville
    12/15/2018 Hopatcong vs Morris Knolls Quad @ Montville
    12/15/2018 Mahwah vs Hopatcong Quad @ Montville
    12/15/2018 Mahwah vs Morris Knolls Quad @ Montville
    12/15/2018 Mahwah vs Montville Quad @ Montville
    12/18/2018 Morristown vs Irvington @ Morristown
    12/18/2018 Mahwah vs Roxbury Dual @ Roxbury
    12/19/2018 Roxbury vs Hanover Park @ Roxbury HS
    12/20/2018 Morristown vs West Essex @ West Essex
    12/21/2018 Morris Knolls vs Hackettstown dual@ Hackettstown

    League Results:
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    12/9/2018 - Hanover Park 50,  Montville 42
    12/13/2018 - Mount Olive 54,  Hanover Park 21
    12/13/2018 - Roxbury 12,  Montville 76
    12/13/2018 - West Essex 46,  Randolph 36
    12/14/2018 - Hackettstown 52,  Roxbury 39
    12/15/2018 - Hopatcong 6,  Morris Knolls 75
    12/15/2018 - Mahwah 72,  Hopatcong 18
    12/15/2018 - Mahwah 57,  Morris Knolls 33

    Pending Match Reports:

    Match Reports
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