2000 Tri-County Youth Wrestling - Championship Tournament
  Team Team Points      
1st  Randolph 136 5 Champions
2nd  Hopatcong 122 3 Champions
3rd  Parsippany 95.5 2 Champions
4th  Roxbury 83.5 3 Champions
5th  Mount Olive 81.5 2 Champions
6th Tie  Jefferson 66 1 Champions
6th Tie  Boonton 66 2 Champions
8th  Montville 64.5
9th  Hanover Park 63.5 1 Champions
10th  Denville 60 2 Champions
11th  Pequannock 53
12th  New Providence 33.5 1 Champions
13th Tie  Bloomingdale 24
13th Tie  Mendham 24
15th  Hanover Township 17.5
16th  Wayne 17
Outstanding Wrestler: Danny Vallimont
Fastest Pin: (6 seconds) Andrew Miller
Coach of the Year: Skip Webb
Team Sportsmanship: Mount Olive
East Division Champ: Hanover Park
Central Division Champ: Voorhees
West Division Champ: Hackettstown
Tournament Host: Roxbury Wrestling Club
52   56
1st David Standridge Randolph 1st Tommy Picillo Mount Olive
2nd Steven Godine Hanover Township 2nd Anthony Ciccone Hopatcong
3rd Shane Parcel Montville 3rd Cody Phillips Montville
4th Joe Orecchio Bloomingdale 4th Stephen Rozgonyi Pequannock
60   64
1st Nick Pastore Hopatcong 1st Ryan Fikslin Roxbury
2nd Justin Vetrini Mount Olive 2nd Nick Seritella Hanover Park
3rd Nick Leider Hanover Park 3rd Kris Whetham Pequannock
4th Michael Guadara Boonton 4th Ben McNeil Parsippany
68   72
1st Kyle Bieg Randolph 1st John Paxos Roxbury
2nd Jeremy Pascale Roxbury 2nd Dario Marcelli Hanover Park
3rd M. Boccellari Hanover Township 3rd Shawn Cooper Hopatcong
4th Glenn Daniel Jefferson 4th Nick Gaeta Montville
76   80
1st Anthony Scognamiglio Randolph 1st Jack McNeil Parsippany
2nd Danny Bisson Roxbury 2nd Tom Jasterbski Montville
3rd John Barnett Jefferson 3rd John Mastrobuono Mendham
4th Dan Herr Denville 4th Stephen Catanzaro Hanover Township
84   88
1st Steve Leatham Roxbury 1st Ray Sarinelli Denville
2nd John Sobotka Hopatcong 2nd Matt Button Mendham
3rd Mike Egan Denville 3rd Jiani LaValle Hanover Park
4th Mike Miller Mount Olive 4th Steven Schiavo Roxbury
92   96
1st James Bianculli Hopatcong 1st Danny Vallimont Jefferson
2nd Larry Rizzo Parsippany 2nd Anthony Nicolicchia Hopatcong
3rd Ryan Vernay Mount Olive 3rd Dan DiColo Mount Olive
4th Spencer Hollerith Montville 4th Jon Reedy New Providence
100   104
1st Willie Spaziani Hopatcong 1st Matt Kaplan Randolph
2nd Ryan Webb Randolph 2nd Brian Hesse Parsippany
3rd Andrew Barnish Montville 3rd Taylor Meytrott Montville
4th Matt Pavlisko Mount Olive 4th Jason Adams Jefferson
111   118
1st Matt Rathbun Boonton 1st Mike Whalen Parsippany
2nd Lennon Freed Randolph 2nd John Takacs Boonton
3rd John Schulien Hopatcong 3rd Ryan McCabe Bloomingdale
4th Mike Adams Parsippany 4th Dave Lofrisco Wayne
125   132
1st Joe Farina Denville 1st Dave Nichols Hanover Park
2nd Dan DeMeo Wayne 2nd Carlos Maruffo Randolph
3rd Dan Brennan Boonton 3rd Andrew Kuenzel Parsippany
4th Dan Trappe Jefferson 4th Dan Balz Jefferson
139   149
1st Chris Hoyt Mount Olive 1st M. Gerardo New Providence
2nd Dayton Frost Pequannock 2nd Andrew Miller Pequannock
3rd Frank Jobeless Hopatcong 3rd Mike Eastman Jefferson
4th R.J. Mount Montville 4th Tony Margve Randolph
176   UNL
1st Will Guridy Randolph 1st Bill Beirmeister Boonton
2nd Cory Petruzziel Pequannock 2nd Vince Lusardi Denville
3rd Brendon Duffy Bloomingdale 3rd Joe Frudemann Denville
4th Conrad Lancaster Jefferson 4th Greg Grieves Jefferson