2003 Tri-County Youth Wrestling - Championship Tournament
  Team Team Points      
1st Hackettstown 130 3 Champions
2nd Voorhees 111 3 Champions
3rd Pequannock 105 3 Champions
4th Hopatcong 96 1 Champion
5th Jefferson 90 4 Champions
6th Montville 87 1 Champion
7th Randolph 85 1 Champion
8th Roxbury 76.5 2 Champions
9th Denville 66 1 Champion
10th Mount Olive 56 1 Champion
11th New Providence 49.5
12th Hanover Park 44
13th Hanover Township 34 1 Champion
14th Wayne 30
15th Boonton 10
16th Berkeley Heights 6
Outstanding Wrestler: Cory Vernon - Hackettstown
Fastest Pin: (:14 Seconds) Frank Garcia - Pequannock
Coach of the Year: Chris Smith - Hackettstown
Team Sportsmanship: Roxbury
North Division Team Champions: Roxbury
South Division Team Champions: Hanover Park
East Division Team Champions: Pequannock
West Division Team Champions: Hackettstown
Tournament Host: Roxbury Wrestling Club
52   56
1st Christian Okulicz Voorhees 1st RJ DeGeorge Pequannock
2nd Tyler Kozimor Hackettstown 2nd John Gardner New Providence
3rd Gennaro Cuocolo Hanover Park 3rd Xaviel Ramos Hopatcong
4th Steven Caserta Roxbury 4th Anthony Botro Randolph
60   64
1st Andrew Gallo Mount Olive 1st Steve Godine Hanover Township
2nd Mike Polizzi Montville 2nd Danny Haines Hopatcong
3rd Robert Napolitano Hackettstown 3rd David Standridge Randolph
4th Tyler Van Dyke Pequannock 4th Sal Mastriani Montville
68   72
1st Gabe Ramos Hopatcong 1st DJ Kerwein Jefferson
2nd Lou Mascolo Hanover Park 2nd Travis Tjong Hackettstown
3rd Jeff Nicholls Wayne 3rd Shane Parcel Monville
4th Mat Armbruster Montville 4th Joe Gaccione Hopatcong
76   80
1st Bryan Palanchi Roxbury 1st Chris Bisbee Voorhees
2nd Cody Phillips Montville 2nd Cody Sternlicht Denville
3rd Mike Amada Mount Olive 3rd Luckson Entienne Hackettstown
4th Mike Hafke Vorhees 4th Mike Johnstone Hanover Park
84   88
1st Owen Vernon Hackettstown 1st Chad Mazurek Voorhees
2nd Nick Pastore Hopatcong 2nd Brandon Harrington New Providence
3rd Matt Nobbs New Providence 3rd Keith Morris Hackettstown
4th Joe Casale Denville 4th Anthony Johnstone Hanover Park
92   96
1st Kyle Bieg Randolph 1st Tyler Milonas Jefferson
2nd Will Larusso Roxbury 2nd Jude Tropono Pequannock
3rd Jake Grubert Hanover Park 3rd Andy Hill Hopatcong
4th Bronson Offerding Mount Olive 4th Dan Herr Denville
100   104
1st Kris Whetham Pequannock 1st John Barnett Jefferson
2nd Larry Peottier New Providence 2nd Sean Collins Randolph
3rd Rich Hoer Hopatcong 3rd Charlie Whitecavage Voorhees
4th Jeremy Pascale Roxbury 4th Eric DiColo Mount Olive
111   118
1st Nick Gaeta Montville 1st Cory Vernon Hackettstown
2nd James Currey Pequannock 2nd Tom Jasterbski Montville
3rd Joe Ficchi Hanover Township 3rd Alan Niederlander Mount Olive
4th TJ McKowen Denville 4th Trevor Salvatore Jefferson
125   132
1st Ken Monarque Jefferson 1st Dan Massaro Hackettstown
2nd Bob Bishop Wayne 2nd Frank Garcia Pequannock
3rd Trevor Mortsea Voorhees 3rd AJ Pagano Hopatcong
4th CJ Engelberger Hanover Township 4th Greg Duryea Voorhees
139   149
1st John Sternlicht Denville 1st Jared Smith Pequannock
2nd Matt Cowap Hackettstown 2nd Brian Erdek Voorhees
3rd Mike Suk Randolph 3rd Kyle Tufts Randolph
4th Dustin Brooks Boonton 4th Evan McLaughlin Jefferson
176   UNL
1st Santino Mangiro Roxbury 1st Rob Garone Randolph
2nd Zac Walsh Denville 2nd Arjan Leka Montville
3rd Fred Orchard Randolph 3rd Dan Glaydick Voorhees
4th Dan Crooks Pequannock 4th