2005 Tri-County Youth Wrestling - Championship Tournament
  Team Team Points        
Montville 298 6 Champions
Hanover Park 241 2 Champion
Randolph 182 3 Champions
Jefferson 176 1 Champion
Voorhees 167.5 5 Champions
Hopatcong 155 1 Champion
Mount Olive 153 1 Champion
Hackettstown 145 1 Champion
Roxbury 106 1 Champion
Morris Hills 96.5 1 Champion
Mahwah 89.5
Pequannock 80 1 Champion
Morris Knolls 62
Outstanding Wrestler: Sal Mastriani - Montville
Fastest Pin: Josh Smith - Montville :08
TCYWL Tournament Team Champions: Montville
Division Dual Meet Champions: Hanover Park
North Division Champs: Jefferson
South Division Champs: Hanover Park
Coach of the Year: Joe LaValle - Hanover Park
Team Sportsmanship: Randolph
52   56
1st Anthony Fano Montville 1st Justin Pidoto Hackettstown
2nd Austin  Pidoto Hackettstown 2nd Dakota  Nobile Jefferson
3rd Dylan  Luciano Mount Olive 3rd Jan  Rosenberg Morris Knolls
4th Craig  Roumes Roxbury 4th Sam  Cali Montville
5th Tommy  Attanasio Voorhees 5th Kyle  Paff Hanover Park
6th Gene  Angelo Hanover Park 6th Lou  Carussillo Pequannock
7th/8th Brian Damon Jefferson  7th/8th Jake Legotte Roxbury 
7th/8th Matthew Amos Morris Hills  7th/8th Cody Ihling Voorhees 
60   64
1st Christian Okulicz Voorhees 1st Joe McKenna Montville
2nd Kevin  Hernandez Roxbury 2nd Tyler  Kozimor Hackettstown
3rd Mike  Monica Montville 3rd Steven  Caserta Roxbury
4th Chaz  Coppa Pequannock 4th James  Rivera Mount Olive
5th Ryan  Paff Hanover Park 5th Ryan  Higgins Jefferson
6th Dylan  Crupi Randolph 6th Gennaro  Cuccolo Hanover Park
7th/8th CJ Miele Mount Olive  7th/8th Vinnie Botro Randolph 
7th/8th Austin Sisco Morris Knolls  7th/8th Tyler Yarnall Voorhees 
68   72
1st R.J. DeGeorge Pequannock 1st Timmy Garripoli Roxbury
2nd Trevor  Albrecht Mahwah 2nd Xaviel  Ramos Hopatcong
3rd Patrick  Healy Jefferson 3rd Robert  Napolitano Hackettstown
4th Anthony  Botro Randolph 4th Parker  Meytrott Montville
5th Dillon  Artigliere Roxbury 5th Steve  McKowen Morris Knolls
6th Michael  Cali Montville 6th Ray  Timpani Randolph
7th/8th Eammon Gaffney Hanover Park  7th/8th Anthony Bassolino Hanover Park
7th/8th Anthony Capaccio Morris Hills  7th/8th Dylan Offerding Mount Olive 
76   80
1st David Standridge Randolph 1st Sal Mastriani Montville
2nd Mike  Polizzi Montville 2nd Lou  Mascolo Hanover Park
3rd Ryan  Van Pelt Hopatcong 3rd Daniel  Haines Hopatcong
4th Andrew  Gallo Mount Olive 4th Corey  Kozimor Hackettstown
5th Alfonse  Scala Hanover Park 5th Stephen  Donald Morris Hills
6th Bobby  Weisse Pequannock 6th Thomas  Asbaty Randolph
7th/8th Keith Williams Morris Hills 7th/8th N/A
7th/8th Shane Papa Voorhees  7th/8th N/A
84   88
1st Shane Parcel Montville 1st Michael Monarque Jefferson
2nd Sam  Peters Jefferson 2nd Jason  Rothman Hackettstown
3rd Jeff  Canfora Hanover Park 3rd Kevin  Collins Randolph
4th C.J.  Caserta Roxbury 4th Charlie  Savino Hanover Park
5th Pete  Smith Mount Olive 5th Joey  Grosinski Mount Olive
6th Brian  Wrede Randolph 6th Matt  Armbruster Montville
7th/8th Sean Afflitto Pequannock  7th/8th Paul Lihartz Hopatcong 
7th/8th Vinnie Peoni Voorhees  7th/8th Max Gilmour Mahwah 
92   96
1st Cody Phillips Montville 1st Steve Vitale Randolph
2nd Joe  Gaccione Hopatcong 2nd Steven  Strumolo Jefferson
3rd TJ  Kourgelis Mahwah 3rd Anthony  Mariano Hopatcong
4th Cameron  Platt Randolph 4th Matt  Chierci Montville
5th Gerrit  Kinney Hackettstown 5th Ned  Ryan Mount Olive
6th Jadaen  Bernstein Voorhees 6th TJ  Durako Morris Knolls
7th/8th Frank O'Connor Hanover Park  7th/8th Zach Bohn Voorhees 
7th/8th George Scalley Jefferson  7th/8th Devin Murphy Hackettstown 
100   104
1st Colin Hayes Voorhees 1st Mike Hafke Voorhees
2nd Mike  Amada Mount Olive 2nd Frank  Strumolo Jefferson
3rd Anthony  Johnstone Hanover Park 3rd Nick  Leider Hanover Park
4th Pete  Van Eck Morris Knolls 4th Kevin  Alexander Montville
5th Ryan  Sblendorio Mahwah 5th Chris  Dombroski Mahwah
6th Rob  Smith Randolph 6th Brian  Knierim Randolph
7th/8th Anthony Vasile Jefferson  7th/8th Gage Karnis Hackettstown 
7th/8th Mike Intile Montville  7th/8th Alex Ioffredo Hopatcong 
111   118
1st Ralph DAgastino Voorhees 1st Cody Sternlicht Morris Hills
2nd Mike  Johnstone Hanover Park 2nd Matt  Henrici Mahwah
3rd Ryan  Crotty Hopatcong 3rd Kevin  Murphy Roxbury
4th Vinny  Lizzi Montville 4th Kyle  Castellonia Jefferson
5th Jonathan  Matos Randolph 5th Matt  Gibney Hopatcong
6th Nick  Esemplare Pequannock 6th John  Gearhart Morris Knolls
7th/8th Joe Ojeda Jefferson  7th/8th Tymon Conroy Voorhees 
7th/8th Bryan Canfield Roxbury  7th/8th Kyle Niedzinski Hanover Park 
125   132
1st Jake Grubert Hanover Park 1st Henry Knabe Voorhees
2nd Mike  Schulien Hopatcong 2nd William  Mulligan Montville
3rd Joseph  Casale Morris Hills 3rd Massinno  Del Sordi Hanover Park
4th Omar  Assali Randolph 4th Max  Becker Jefferson
5th Matt  Cuervo Jefferson 5th Joe  Ruggerio Pequannock
6th Tommy  Camel Morris Knolls 6th Jared  Kocaj Morris Hills
7th/8th Jeff Hughes Roxbury  7th/8th Aeron Gilson Mount Olive 
7th/8th Taylor Bernstein Montville  7th/8th Darren Cimbal Randolph 
139   149
1st Mike Lomio Hanover Park 1st Greg Barnish Montville
2nd Rich  Minchuck Hopatcong 2nd Kevin  Persson Mount Olive
3rd Bobby  Burd Voorhees 3rd Russell  Jones Morris Knolls
4th Justin  Rigoglioso Pequannock 4th Bob  Grogan Hanover Park
5th Mike  Monteverdi Jefferson 5th Nick  Gangemi Hackettstown
6th Joey  Maloney Mount Olive 6th John  Hulbert Morris Hills
7th/8th Mike Ripley Montville  7th/8th Chris Smith Jefferson 
7th/8th Armando Paz Morris Hills  7th/8th Michael Spencer Pequannock 
176   SHWT
1st Amil Lucas Mount Olive 1st Mike Suk Randolph
2nd Andy  Betz Morris Hills 2nd Hoppler Kyle Mount Olive
3rd Scott  Bidlack Randolph 3rd Yannuzzi Chris Hanover Park
4th Ryan  DeCoursey Hanover Park 4th Larson Torry Mahwah
5th Josh  Smith Montville 5th Santos Jose Hackettstown
6th Shohei  Ogawa Hackettstown
7th/8th Scott Burd Voorhees 
7th/8th Joesph Yarosz Hopatcong